... a Training Consulting Firm


Organizations that can anticipate change and also take the necessary actions to adapt to those changing demands in the marketplace are more poised to withstand obsolescence and soar above competitors that fail to strategically train and equip their personnel.

Our training “know-how”, engaging program management approach, and proven methodologies coupled with multi-discipline and multi-industry competencies enable us to turn complex challenges into actionable solutions. We have consistently exceeded client expectations in the areas of training program administration, courseware development, strategic planning, and instructor-led classes while having also exceeded employee expectations by creating an engaging yet highly informative learning experience.

At Durant Consulting Services, we understand that every client has distinct needs. Let us assist with your needs by developing a training program that encompasses facets of our custom program principles described in the5 R's below.


We collaboratively strategize with clients prior to implementing training programs to “set the stage,” develop learning goals, coordinate class logistics (class size, audience type, etc.), create service level standards, determine marketing needs, craft training announcement marketing communications, and select tools to measure anticipated outcomes. Our team strives to deliver the highest level of service standards by adopting the principle of “working with the client rather than for the client.”


We employ interactive content retention tactics such as role-playing, videos, group discussions, games, short lectures, and a variety of impromptu activities as conduits to reinforce the behavioral/process change that organizations seek to achieve and to ensure participants are continuously stimulated during training sessions. Our instructors can tailor classes to any size audience, large or small, and are certain to seamlessly integrate client set principles throughout the program. We conduct high-level seminars, workshops, in-depth training classes, and on-the-job training sessions with the opportunity for one-on-one feedback pre and post implementation to ensure that learning has occurred and that the client receives their expected outcome.


We utilize mystery shopping tools, benchmarking, surveys, evaluations, and pre and post-tests as a means to measure the overall impact of a training program. Our reporting and analytics assist clients in making well-informed decisions before, throughout, and at the conclusion of a training implementation.


We offer an extensive train-the-trainer curriculum that teaches potential in-house staff members how to master the training content, methodology, and group dynamics to ensure transference of knowledge post integration should a client choose not to have our consultants on-site for the duration of a program.


 Employees are the foundation of a successful company and recognition helps improve overall employee performance. We help our clients develop recognition and incentive programs as means to improve overall employee performance by rewarding high achieving employees who become certified trainers or who exceed customer service standards and training goals.